Copyright Issues

Copyright is going away.

If we look at the new metaphor, this cloud metaphor we see that society is moving away from a consensus mentality. Non sense like peer review (mediocrity enforcement) is going away. Expert worship is going away. We are not falling into a sensate malaise but raw experience will be more sought after than consensus. The state of knowledge will be changing so quickly, or at least the relevant state that authorship and stock in names and brands will fade.


The network is about to gain an interiority. It compresses time and space and is persistent but from a sensory standpoint it is about to become voluminous, seductive and much more pervasive. All most all data will be generated within it, and it will be the first and final context for almost all data. We will never be logged out. There was a time when people did not sign works because there was a more Platonic notion of property or

origination. Going forward signing works will be like signing acts of graffiti. We are moving to a play economy, and people will simply be too engaged and active to care about conventional career. Most content will be the result of interaction and most of it spontaneous.


Even as it stands the association of authorship is moving to search engines, but as sponsorship goes away and content cannibalizes and totally commoditized we will see people naturally ceasing to equate thoughts with localized bits of gray matter and personal bodily identity and property claims. Even corporate property claims will weaken as the convention of property weakens. Publishing is dying, lowest common denominator mechanisms in the market will handle renumeration.



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