Reasonable Network Management

Deeply Disappointed

I read on CNN the basics of the new FCC Internet plan, and was deeply disappointed. We need to move beyond the pothole patching. The last mile is still an issue, your hoping systems will have a 1 gig network card, and hope they can get to the library.


The problem with Internet access is.

1. Too Expensive.

2. The Last mile is not the answer, cellular and broadband wi-fi is the answer.

3. Too narrowly focused in areas, when it needs a broader retooling approach.

4. Too many issues with net neutrality, invalid and obsolete copyright law and lack of innovation among the major players.

5. Lack of real phone portability


The fact is the last mile wiring wise is not going to be solved.


What needs to happen, is a collective retooling of the current cellular carriers to ONE standard, ONE platform and allow any and all devices that are FCC compatible to come into the network for a reasonable fee, with very lenient caps on data space.


I like the Google fiber plan, but again I think running fiber to individual homes is not a good solution. Perhaps to each town, and then connect cell towers to that connection. Then connect based on Quality of Service, reliability etc. No need for TVA.




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