The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Free and Open, Keep it this way.

A free and open Internet. For years now we have all enjoyed just this. This should never be changed. All traffic should be allowed. Regardless of the moral or immoral context.

It should not be controlled by any large buisness or government. It should be controlled by the people.

If we want to use Torrent's then we should be allowed to use torrents. They aren't only used to download illegal content. Many Online Games use torrents to deliver games and patches. There are many large files that need such a application to be transferred efficiently. No matter what, people are going to find ways to obtain things illegitimately.

Restrictions only end up hurting innocent people.

Free and Open. Free to share ideas, free to share media, free to share information. This is how it should always be.


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    I can agree to this in principle -- but someone has to enforce Net Neutrality and that someone unfortunately would be the government. You don't like government or corporations but someone has to keep the corporations trying to do away with Net Neutrality in line. Of course we can't let Government ever get too big. By the way here's why I support Net Neutrality:

    Net Neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech and democracy on the Internet. We need open access to the Web to inspire positive change. With the recent MLK day now behind us I thought I'd share with you that some of us reflected on that day of the progress MLK helped bring when he led the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to end segregation in America. We should not allow ISPs to segregate the Web in the same way the country was segregated. We need to empower independent voices in the media and on the Internet. We need more participation with more diverse voices on the radio dial, TV and the Internet. Also independent musicians support Net Neutrality so they can more easily distribute their music and get their songs heard considering the corporate record labels and RIAA have dominated radio with payola. Just visit the Future of Music Coalition website and you'll find a campaign called Rock The Net done by them.

    After all the Web empowers and inspires creativity as long as it stays neutral -- don't allow ISPs to destroy the single most important and wonderful thing about the Web.