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ISPs cannot be left without net neutrality requirements

The ISPs have proven, through all manner of actions taken in recent months and years, that they have no interest the freedom of speech or free flow of information. The government needs to adopt net neutrality rules to guarantee that open exchange for America; failing to do so would let private companies limit our first amendment rights as they see fit.


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  1. Comment

    Thank you. Libertarians should remember that perfect competition of the free market says that usually companies have to please consumers to stay in business, but in cases where they can profit by doing evil, the free market will require them to do so in order to remain competitive. The proper role of the government in a free market is to find those situations and provide disincentives, so that honest and consumer-friendly corporations can still compete. This doesn't halt the powerful forces of the free market, it just shifts their focus towards better outcomes.

    Net Neutrality is an extremely pure version of this proper function.

  2. Comment

    Considering that free speech is essentially banned from public television since international media conglomerates have monopolized the airwaves, the Internet is the American citizens', as well as our global communities', shining light for free speech and communication.

    Following the money to who exactly is behind any movement away from net neutrality always leads to corporations, which are almost invariably in conflict with the demands of the public.

    FCC, who do you work for? We The People, your rightful owners, demand your servitude. Vote Net Neutrality.

  3. Comment

    "The ISP have proven ..(blah blah)" I love it when people start of their argument with "It's a proven fact that..."

    The only fact here is that you can't name one actual instance (well actually I can name one, but that was a misguided attempt to throttle traffic to keep it fair for all other users). But you can't name one other action.

  4. Comment

    @dbg: Read kiram9's experience before posting. Also look up what throttling Comcast has done. Denial doesn't make these not factual. Then imagine the corporate gloves coming off if Net Neutrality goes. We the people require the FCC to protect Net Neutrality.

  5. Comment

    The government is already pushing to impinge on our first amendment rights, overruling our rights of conscience, forcing money from our hands to pay for things we do not believe in, and setting up a biased communication system, all without fear of response because they are setting up to be the only game in town. The people in government want power, they are pulling the wool over your eyes, and as a band of lawyers they are less able to be held accountable than the private companies you fear.

  6. Comment
    shira.inusyl ( Idea Submitter )

    @jamesantonhake - You have the entire concept of net neutrality backward. The government is telling ISPs that they can't restrict the first amendment rights of citizens. The federal government also doesn't even run a service provider; they don't control the communication system and aren't the only game in town because they're not even playing that game.

  7. Comment

    It seems inconceivable to me that anyone who has been living in the USA in the last few years can possibly believe that our Federal Government has the ability - or even the desire - to effectively and fairly manage the internet. Every regulation Congress has instituted or proposed has been up for sale to the highest bidder, and they have shown that they hold "We The People" in utter contempt. I shudder to think what will happen to the internet if the Government is allowed to step in to "protect" us.

    Arguing about Market Forces vs. Government Controls makes for very interesting debate; but the fact remains that our Federal Government couldn't manage a snow-cone shop effectively, and would, if the price was right, use yellow snow.

  8. Comment

    People doing the service SHOULD be making the profit.

    Big Government has no right to profit for doing nothing?