The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Net Neutrality = A Protected Internet

The purpose of the FCC is to create legislation to protect the communication infrastructure. And that's exactly what net neutrality is -- protecting the communication infrastructure from greedy corporations that want to monetize, control and conquer something that is a shared resource -- our precious internet.

Not all governmental regulation is bad, obviously. In this case, it's very good, and very welcome -- it's basically a "bill of rights" for internet consumers to keep them from being endlessly exploited and pillaged by corporations. This, for your information, is a Good Thing.


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  1. Comment

    Increasing government control over the Internet will harm the communication infrastructure.

    We need freedom on the internet. The only rules needed are the fundamental rules that come from natural law. Do what your agree to do. Do not steal. And so on.

    Any step in government control will be followed by more, often to "patch up" the problems of the first step. Soon control will be extremely complicated, pushing out the small guys. Cronyism will increase. Regulations will be enforced in ways we did not expect. There will be unintended consequences (see Economics in One Lesson by Hazlit).

    Let the market work. We have seen how unbalanced regs and over regulation has harmed the economy.

  2. Comment
    david.wyly ( Idea Submitter )

    You're right, we do need freedom on the internet. And that includes restricting corporations from manipulating their consumers with multiple tiered services, bandwidth throttling and content prioritization.

    Allow for internet service providers to give priority to one web site over another isn't "freedom."

    Let the market work? Have you seen what they've done with adjustable rate mortgages and credit default swaps? There's a reason why the stock market crumbled today, just as it did on black Friday: because we didn't have enough regulatory protections to stop predatory market tactics such as these.

  3. Comment

    Proponents of Net Neutrality rules have failed to show they are needed.

    1. They have failed to show that the established protection against fraud and breach of contract are insufficient. They have not throughly pushed in those routes. This, of course, will be hard for them to show.

    2. They have failed to show that reasonable efforts to remove subsidies and rules limiting competition have been made. Economists have shown that this is is where most of the problems are. I'm not saying they have to remove all of those, that is hard, but they should at least show a reasonable effort.

    3. They have failed to show that Net Neutrality rules would actually bring about any neutrality on the Internet. They have not enumerated the side-effects of such rules.

    4. Through the harm of taxes and borrowing, government spending costs lives. Proponents of Net Neutrality have not shown that the benefits will be worth those lives lost (as in lives saved, for example).

    5. They have not sufficiently pursued consumer information methods and certification. They have not demonstrated that these are inadequate, with or without the above methods.

    This is just the first 5, but it is enough for now.

    Essentially, proponents of Net Neutrality have not even tried to make things better.

  4. Comment

    Dar is very active on this board and it seems like (s)he is VERY convinced that we should let big business keep running the show.

    We should all hold these companies accountable when BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are granted to them for infrastructure upgrades and they come back with weak arguments when the FCC questioned where it is all going. Just take a look at how these very same companies have destroyed the mobile market. If we let them bully their way into the rule making process with the Internet, we will surely have the most fragmented, closed, and slowest Internet of any developed nation. European countries are changing their constitutions to state that free Internet access is a human right; while we argue how to let our ISPs divide and conquer it.

  5. Comment

    No, it's a Bill of Control for the Government, which is a Bad Thing.

  6. Comment

    I trust greedy corporations, and I want them to make lots and lots of money. That's how America grows.

    Government has grown too greedy, and produces nothing but dependency and bureaucrats.

    The internet is free now.


  7. Comment
    david.wyly ( Idea Submitter )

    Yeah, honeyducote, your logic is irrefutable *rolleyes* At first I took your argument for sarcasm. Then I came to the haunting realization that you were, in fact, being serious. Very disconcerting for me to know that there are people out there so anti-government that they'd rather have unfettered hyper-capitalism at its extreme.

    America in the late 1800s was plagued by uncontrolled, untethered hyper-capitalism. Monopolies, 18 hour workdays, child labor, etc etc. Government stepped in to provide better working conditions. Unions tried to fill the void where the government refused to touch. Eventually, government regulations caused unions to become more and more obsolete. It shows how government has worked to protect workers.

    Hyper-capitalism is as bad as any other 'ism' out there. Fascism, communism, socialism -- you name it. Anything in its extreme is BAD.

    I don't understand why people are so ridiculously afraid of any form of government regulation what-so-ever. It's absolutely absurd. Yes, governments tend to be bloated, inefficient and mired with politics and bureaucracy. The founding fathers had this in mind when they formed our central government -- that is, balancing the powers of government so that it wasn't abused. It wasn't supposed to be easy to get things done. It was DESIGNED to be as inefficient as possible. You're missing the point and making the assumption that this reaches to other branches of government.

    However, the notion that ANYTHING government touches is inefficient and bureaucratic is just silly and unrealistic. Your roads are paved with quality and forethought. Your kids are guaranteed a 21st century education. Your mail is delivered with efficiency and haste. Your streets are safe thanks to police on the beat. Your house is protected by the fire department. Millions of seniors are given affordable, quality healthcare and social security benefits. Stock market regulation keeps the markets from collapsing in on themselves, ala the 1930s. Bank regulation and guarantees keep people from making panicked runs on the banks. The government keeps you safe with the military. The government regulates your utilities so you don't have monopolies charging your $1,000/month for electricity, water and gas. The government subsidizes higher-education to keep our millions of college graduates competitive in the 21st century.


    Oh, wait, I would never actually say that, because I don't believe that my silly opinion is absolutely 100% gospel. I try to keep an open mind and realize that I don't know everything. But thanks for playing.

  8. Comment

    Cut and paste

    That was your open mind?

  9. Comment
    david.wyly ( Idea Submitter )

    No, I just wrote it, now, for you. Do a google search with bits of my rant in quotes. You won't find it anywhere.

    That the best you got?

  10. Comment

    Net Neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech and democracy on the Internet. We need open access to the Web to inspire positive change. With the recent MLK day now behind us I thought I'd share with you that some of us reflected on that day of the progress MLK helped bring when he led the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to end segregation in America. We should not allow ISPs to segregate the Web in the same way the country was segregated. We need to empower independent voices in the media and on the Internet. We need more participation with more diverse voices on the radio dial, TV and the Internet.

    After all the Web empowers and inspires creativity as long as it stays neutral -- don't allow ISPs to destroy the single most important and wonderful thing about the Web.