Reasonable Network Management

Regulate price and data caps, unlimited is best to serve all

Should regulate price, create lower cost, larger cap, plan restrictions, an unlimited plan was not out of the question a year ago and it should still be an option. Help us educate our children. Newspapers are a thing of the past now and internet is used for most communications and information including this one. I believe we need to look at price for data delivered especially since stimulus is paying for end of line and rural towers. We are not creating a neutral web if price is out of reach for low income families.

Problem is with caps set at 5G. I live in a community that has old copper, ATT country. Here we can no longer use dialup, updates with errors taking all night cause multiple downloads and data usage. ATT broadband runs at speed of dialup. What I used to get unlimited online for 9.95 now costs $60 for 5G data for broadband.

There are 2 adults & 2 kids in family 5G is not enough and is very expensive for low income community. Unless there is a lower cost alternative I must say that it is a good idea to have unlimited plan. ATT has profited all these years on their old lines which were most likely run with public funds. Not long ago major carriers all had unlimited plans. They sold these products and the devices, and made money. They built the infrastructure and still made money. Now they got us, time to set hook. If nothing else lower cost or raise the cap. Verizon has a 10G plan for $199 this is outrageous!



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