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The Internet is already free speech

The internet is already free speech, isn't that the problem? Just like when a car gets too close to your bumper, they can read the sticker that says BACK OFF...This is not a tail-gate party. If the govt' does to net whatthey have done to all the other programs that they have "managed and momitored" there won't be any internet worth having. Just like the Television, news-media, health-care/medicade, social security, postal service, elections, justice dept, homeland security, immigration...need I add more? BACK OFF BARRY-it's not whatever, whatever...it's the other Barry...

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  1. cat

    You don't understand! The government has not needed to step in because until now the open internet wasn't under threat. It is now, and it's under threat by corporation who seek power, control and profit, like Comcast, Verizon, etc, who are paying big bucks to bribe our "representatives" to give them what used to be all of ours. Invite government regulation: it's the last hope we have to survive the corporations. You're believing what they want you to believe. They don't care how you vote they just want money.

    4 years ago
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