The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

The Open Internet

Julius Genachowski, Chairman

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20554


Dear Chairman Genachowski,


This is written to express our concern about the FCC’s upcoming announcement on network neutrality. Heavily regulating wireless networks will reduce the investment in Michigan and cut into job growth – two issues very important to Saginaw Future.


The rapid rise of the wireless market has been a great success story for Michigan. Nearly all residents and businesses have access to advanced wireless phones and networks, while the strong, competitive market keeps bringing new innovation. The key reason for this success is that the government has really let the market work and has not provided burdensome regulations. We believe that the FCC should retain the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that has built the robust wireless and online networks we have today.


The FCC can take another step by avoiding network neutrality regulation of broadband deployment. Bringing broadband to all areas of the nation also requires investment in networks, well-paying local jobs and the technology needed for our cities and towns to grow new businesses that depend on communications.


I think we all agree that a fair and open Internet is important, but the proposed regulations on traditional and wireless broadband service will shut off the Internet to many constituents in my state and further cost us jobs and investment. Please don’t close the door to opportunity and jobs for people in Michigan with unnecessary new regulations. Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment.






JoAnn Crary




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