The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

What is a Gigabyte worth?

Internet Serivce Providers like ATT and COMCAST should stay the hell out of deciding if Gigabytes originating from Hulu servers or servers from their financial partners are worth more or less. Let them charge us for BANDWIDTH. I don't want some greedy corporate executive looking to maximize profits deciding that I need to pay more for one Gigabyte over another. They are the same. Once Internet Service Providers get this type of control they will use it to maximize profits, which means they will have the power to drive massive amounts of traffic to certain services while keeping others obscured. This is against free market principles. The internet has its own ecosystem, if ATT wants to have god-like powers in deciding which internet-based companies get traffic based on extortion fees, we will see innovation dwindle to nothing. Startups won't be able to pay the extortion fees while already huge corporations will solidify their power. ATT and COMCAST do NOT have your interest at heart and they will do a lot more to kill freedom on the internet than having Net Neutrality, which preserves a competitive online environment.



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