Application of the Principles to Mobile Broadband

all devices: open and unlocked. Licensed devices, not licensed providers.

The law used to be in place and it should be restored.


There cannot be any jailed and/or locked devices. they must all adhere to all the public protocols any user would like to use. I'm talking to you Apple and AT&T.


There should be a vast swath of beachfront bandwidth allocated to free multi-way service.


If there were such a swath of bandwidth, then anybody anywhere should be able to add to the national information infrastructure with a MIMO (multiple-in-multiple-out) base station, or device, that not only connects that user to the rest of the users but also helps add to the network's backbone.


Must interconnect rules should apply.


Auctioning off bandwidth is a crazy idea, because whoever wins the auction simply gets every one of us, the public, to pay them back for that. why not cut out the middle man and see what happens when we have a large swath of bandwidth available as the commons, with licensed devices?


as for 802.11, nobody anywhere, should be allowed to charge money, or require passwords to get on. the FCC should do anything and everything in its power to encourage open 802.11 that allows mobile device users reasonable access to the internet, as well as the reasonable ability to contribute to the network with their devices.



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