Reasonable Network Management

Unlimited Internet - the foundation of growth

Fixed ISPs should not be allowed to charge based on usage, only on speed. Usage based ISPs only hinder internet company growth and technological progress. They create fear in the user that they might "overuse" their internet or do something that may cause their bill to rise. Unlimited internet providers, on the other hand, offer freedom, and the opportunity for capitalism to reign over the net.


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Application of the Principles to Mobile Broadband

Unlimted Data, means unlimited data through your cellular modem

Cellular and mobile broadband providers should not be able to get away with this. If you advertise a service for "Unlimited" data, that therefore means that they will get as much data as they want, with the best data rate possible. This also means that you will never cap usage daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or for the life of their service. If I have an unlimited plan, a truly unlimited plan, not "unlimited... up to ...more »


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