The Open Internet & Innovation

1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Net Neutrality or an open internet is a vital part of what the internet is about. It's because of those principals that we have had the innovation that the Internet "Freedom" Act supposedly likes. The only reason we haven't needed a net neutrality law in place so far, is because the ISPs are scared that if they push too hard and too fast, that such a law will definitely come into place. So they've been doing it slowly and hoping we wouldn't notice. We did notice though. And the FCC is rightfully stepping in to protect the internet from becoming a private roadway. What this "Internet Freedom Act" will do is remove the fear that ISPs have had and now they will have the freedom to do whatever they want with their internet. That's right, it will stop becoming our Internet. We will become powerless. Our options for broadband providers are already limited. What's going to happen when Comcast decides to introduce a tiered internet plan and people have no other option but to go along with it. Maybe they'll decide that they don't want their users to go onto their competitors websites. What then?


Net Neutrality keeps the internet in the people's hands. Something so powerful should not be given up to corporate America.


Bottom line. Net Neutrality = good for the people. Internet Freedom Act = good for the corporations.



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