Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

100 mbits? that's IT? come on guys.

How disappointing to see the FCC set such a low low low goal for our internet speeds in 10 years.


even today, we could already have TERABIT per user speeds using a truly optical network.


we already have much of the fiber necessary.


I'm just sad that they have set the bar so very low. so low, indeed, that the 100mbit speed is already something many other countries have TODAY... and to hope to have that in TEN YEARS? seriously? come on guys. think BIGGER... we should IMMEDIATELY do at least the GIGABIT UP/DOWN that Google wants to offer, and move rapidly faster from there.


Where is the challenge to good old American Ingenuity? When JFK Set a goal of landing on the moon and safely returning by 1969, we had to invent whole entire new technologies, that never existed before that. We had to figure out how to get a computer that was the size of a minivan down to under the size of a basketball. We got the microprocessor out of that by the way.


When George Whitesides set out to get medical diagnostic test costs down from hundreds or thousands of dollars per test, to pennies per hundred tests, he invented whole new technologies. See his video at He calls his system "zero cost diagnostics."


When we try to deploy a multi-terabit national internet, we will have to invent some new technologies, and we will love doing it, too.


But we cannot count on the phone and cable companies to bring us there. they never wanted this network in the first place. they dragged their feet for years. they didn't like people even using modems in the 90's, but the internet was practically forced upon them. if you expect them to put their own lucrative content businesses in jeopardy just so individuals can have more freedom to communicate, i have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.


We cannot ever get faster if we allow the phone and cable companies to keep using their proprietary protocols because those protocols limit end users on what devices they connect to the network. how are we ever going to have speed innovation, if we are locked into using cable boxes designed 15 years ago, which are "just fine" for the monopolistic giants?



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