The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

A Simple Principle for All Information Couriers

This is a portion of a much larger document that I wrote as a letter to all citizens.


The time for we the people to band together and protect our right to free speech far into the future is now. We must demand and pass into legislation that any company or entity which transmits or transports information shall not alter or deny their services based on the source or the receiver. This simple principle should only be redressed under the following conditions:

1)In circumstances involving the mass communication of public health or safety matters

2)In situations where the delivery of the information would infringe on the sender's, recipient's, or public's rights as defined by the law of the land

3)In conditions where the carrier has difficulty delivering the information due to severe technical failure or unforeseen acts of god or man

This simple idea is not difficult to uphold, nor does it cost a company more to adhere to. Instead this principle is the spirit of both the Internet and open communication. It guarantees free citizens the right and ability to communicate freely.


Furthermore, nobody ever told any internet service provider that they had to offer "unlimited internet". Instead they choose to advertise a service which they can not deliver.



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