Workshop--Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet

A swift kick in the butt...

is what this country needs.


Google had the right idea when it announced in the last few days that they'd be trying out a gigabit fully neutral internet connection for maybe up to 500,000 users. that's a gigabit UP and DOWN... with no data shaping. no looking at our data. no limits. and a cost of only about $20 a month...


If you look at what happened to the economy in the wake of the commercialization of the internet, you can see that what originally started as about a $11B investment by the government in network infrastructure, research and development, turned into trillions of dollars in innovation, entrepreneurship, and disruptive technologies.


But all that is dying off now because the internet has become bogged down by monopoly phone and cable companies who don't want us to have the fast speeds necessary for the next generation of innovation.


That's why I think the actual broadband initiative should be to get a TERABIT (that's 1000 gigabits, or a million megabits) of UP and DOWN connectivity to every single user, in every home and every office and wherever else, in this nation.


yes it is true that we don't have the computing power to handle that kind of throughput, YET, but just imagine the gold rush as computer designers finally have a real reason to make something far faster than ever before.


imagine the gold rush as trillions in untapped gdp are suddenly accessible through this new far faster connectivity between all of us.


we NEED to have a new faster playing field. and if the internet is fast enough, we won't have to worry about all these limitations that the current usual suspects are trying to impose on us, because we will have the wherewithal to do an end run around them, and make our own way.


We need to take it to the next level, people.



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