The Open Internet & Public Engagement


When was the last time a gigantic corporation put your needs first? The government is ours and it is important for the government to regulate gigantic corporations because those companies are all about profits and they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR CONSTITUTION OR YOUR RIGHTS OR YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Government is ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU. You can vote it out. Gigantic corporations ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU. YOU DO NOT GET TO VOTE THEM AWAY WHEN THEY TRAMPLE ON YOU by censoring your internet, denying you health care or dirtying up your air and water. The myth that BIG GOVERNMENT IS YOUR ENEMY was created by BIG CORPORATIONS so that they could protect their ability to do ANYTHING THEY WANT. AND they SCARE you every time you try to make good change, by telling you that if the government does ANYTHING THAT IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE it will COST too much and we will lose our jobs. REALLY? We just had an era of unfettered corporate freedom under Bush - did it save our jobs? Did it save OUR retirement money, OUR homes, OUR schools? Meanwhile, did the MILLIONAIRES in big business take home BILLIONS in bonuses? YEAH... Think about it. We have been FOOLED into thinking that our strong, and good representative, democracy is BAD. The corporations have fooled you into thinking that regulating THEM is 'bad' or DANGEROUS for you. They say regulation is 'big government' - THEY are the ones spending literally billions to lobby against your rights in congress - how much can YOU spend? SO who is BIG? The only person in D.C. representing YOU is your congress. So Americans need to stop hating on our excellent government and simply GET INVOLVED, rather than continuing to be the fools of the big corporations. DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU INTO THINK THAT NET NEUTRALITY IS NASTY BIG GOVERNMENT REGULATION. WHAT IT IS IS PRESERVATION OF YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. TO LOSE IT WOULD BE NASTY BIG CORPORATIONS TAKING AWAY YOUR VOICE. DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU INTO AGREEING TO THAT!



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