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I've been told by reliable sources that you guys are actually reading all these notes, so I'd like to put this one directly to you.


If you take valuable beach front spectrum away from the TV broadcasters and then just auction it all off to the highest bidder (AT&T, etc.) then that's just taking our problem out of the frying pan and throwing it into the fire. Out of one monopoly's hands, and into another.


Let's not do that.


Instead, I think it would be MUCH MORE EXCITING to take that spectrum and open it up into an IP Citizen's band, and then just see what comes of it.


One naysayer I met yesterday at the Open Internet Innovation workshop invoked Shannon-Hartley as an excuse for why "this wouldn't work." but I remember that there were also people like that who declared the internet wouldn't work, either. But the way I see it, people will invent all sorts of novel technologies, that will connect into, and enhance the existing internet (as long as you make sure everybody can)


If we open that spectrum up to the public, who knows what kind of exciting technologies will come out of it? The only way to find out is to set us free, and give it a try.



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