Comcast demonstrates why Neutrality is a MUST

This week, Comcast indicated that it will try to charge Netflix a special fee, just to let people stream HD movies from them.


That's because they feel netflix will compete with comcast's own video on demand service.


This is EXACTLY why we need net neutrality. Comcast for one, shouldn't be allowed to control ANYTHING regarding content, and they shouldn't be in the content business AND the cable laying business at the same time because of the huge conflict of interest that this story demonstrates.


If the content, and internet service business were completely separate from the cable laying business, there would be nothing that comcast could do to block or slow down innovative sites like netflix. This is why it is not just a matter of regulation, but more importantly, a matter of the structure of the internet itself that must be made as open as possible on every level to prevent this kind of thing from happening.


We have to break up companies like Comcast, if we are ever to keep a free and open internet.



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