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Conflict of interest: cable companies, and their content businesses.

A company that lays any cable, or contributes in any way to the physical infrastructure of the internet should not also be in the business of selling content, the way that telephone companies and cable companies now can.


a few years ago, the phone companies were only allowed to lay cables, and could not be in the tv business. they complained that they couldn't compete with cable companies who could sell cable connections, phone service, and tv service.


I say that instead of allowing phone companies to enter into the tv business, they should have taken the cable companies OUT of it.


There is an inherent conflict of interest when the same company that lays cable can also sell bandwidth hogging content. It gives cable companies the incentive to give themselves all the best lanes on the information superhighway, while relegating the rest of us to the information dirt sidewalk.


if a tv network, or phone company was not in the business of laying cable, then it would have to compete with everybody else who wanted to offer such services, and it would not have the kind of leverage that the one running the cables would have.


I also don't think the cables should be able to be owned by any private companies as long as they are passing through public rights of way. there can be contractors hired by the government to maintain these cables and upgrade them, just like on the national highway system, but nobody who is in that business should have any business deciding the rules of the road. Therefore I call to break up the phone companies and cable companies, and make them separate their content and infrastructure businesses completely, and be regulated by common carrier rules.


I have seen calls to bequeath police powers onto ISPs... to not only allow them to slow us all down, but to also be the gate keepers who decide what is and isn't legal. that is a direct violation of the constitution and must not be allowed to happen. if anything we need to undo the damage of the 1996 telecommunications act and make it possible once again for there to be not a hand full but millions of isps. Of course to take that a step further, if we each had a real high speed connection coming to our house we would not need isps, because we would be simply connected, just like our driveway is connected to the road system.


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