The Open Internet & Public Engagement


Its been suggested that democracy is quaint. That even if we could get money out of the way we could not delegate our power. Against this is the idea that a mere document, the constitution, and some culture and convention work promote democratic institutions.


With the internet we have a better opportunity ahead for the power sharing that is at the heart of democracy and at the heart of peace. These rules that the FCC is writing may be come the defacto laws for something that moves us beyond nation states. The FCC should be very careful to build democracy or the closest approximation into every facet. It should never be giving into elitism, commerce or establishment where issues of power sharing impact the internet. Power sharing first all else second.


It should be very careful not to give privilege to failing institutions or old guard media. If old guard media is going away its because its outlived its usefulness. Old guard media worked against empowerment. Empowering the individual is a large part of power sharing. Lets use the highest common denominator approach when it comes to supporting democracy on the internet.



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