The Open Internet & Innovation

Don't forget communications history!

The internet must remain neutral, to me this is clear. One need not look too far into the past to understand how a non-neutral internet might work, as most of us have lived through the chaos that was long distance telephone communications in the 80's. This MUST NOT happen on the internet.


The internet relies, fundamentally, on the unimpeded, equal transmission of data, otherwise it would be easy for terrorists or hackers to take out one point, or throttle one point to completely bring down the system. In short, a non-neutral network will make the whole internet less stable. We must do whatever it takes to keep internet communications neutral and fair.


Neutral internet communications do not stiffle innovation in any way, as adding communications lines allows more users to access the service at higher rates of speed or have access to many more users, giving one company an advantage over another, while still keeping the web neutral.



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