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Everyone Favors A "Neutral Net." These principles need to be renamed to reflect the true debate.

This label confuses the issue so much that even commenters on this site are misunderstanding one another. The true debate is that the pro-regulation and anti-regulation crowds have different ideas on how to achieve "net neutrality." It is unfair for the pro-regulators to imply that regulation is the only means.


This is unfair because I and others believe that although these principles ostensibly guarantee rights of equality will be guaranteed, they will necessarily manipulate a previously free market industry - (a non-neutral situation). And to take my opinion one step further just to lend it legitimacy, the industry players will inevitably manipulate the rules and labels that apply to them. The regulations will then be superfluous at best, but burdensome, stifling and costly in all likelihood.


So for the purpose of this debate here and with the greater public, I think it should be renamed to "Net Adherence Principles" or "Network Practice Principles." This is, after all, an imposition of rules - not a vow of non-participation as "neutrality" implies.



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