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FCC say's...

Since I can only access some of the FCC web site it makes it hard to figure out what is actually wrong.

What I see is in affect to a certain point already... Comcast is being sued, the others are being told to be fair with their servers...

and they state they may make changes after the court cases.. sooo how much good is this talking thing...rofl


Off the FCC pages this is from the 1996 rules and regulation page...


All Americans should have affordable access to robust and reliable broadband products and services. Regulatory policies must promote technological neutrality, competition, investment, and innovation to ensure that broadband service providers have sufficient incentive to develop and offer such products and services.


If and only If they do this I am ok with this, to a certain point, it still is going to cost a country that has no money a large sum

The big question is how to pay for the extra 40 or so people they are going to need to implement this..


Another question is in a couple paragraphs they state they can make changes as they deem fit.. that sentence scares

me a lot.. If they took that sentence, it is twice written that I found, I will agree with the Neutrality bill/law.. to a certain point.. prove how it is paid for without raising my taxes.

The way it is written right now, from what I have read, I am sure it is not the true copy,

the government could impose certain rules without notice that could affect connections outside the USA, or even within our own borders.

So I still say No, until those provisions are taken out,,, the rest I agree with since it is to help promote competition like I and others have been saying.. and if you do run into a server that is dogged by bandwidth you write the FCC they contact the owner, the owner and the FCC figure it out. I like that, cause it will keep the internet the way it is and improve some of the slower servers.


I also see since 1996 the law has been protecting the users, all you have to do is send in a complaint and they take over.

If you go read you will see they are still in court on many cases, including what you have been complaining about on this forum.(comcast and such)


The biggest issue I have is COST, how when our country is beyond their own legal budget already? and yes most of the congress and senate that are in office today voted to set that budget and now they are breaking it. So how is this going to be paid for?????


The PDF files suck, read the word copy.

The FCC cannot even have decent loading PDF files on their own website..and some of the word pages don't tell you anything but they have a link to the PDF files that don't load...

Makes me wonder if they can do what they are trying to do.. tell me if you can get to the PDF files before a timeout...



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