The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Get this one right.

Internet network neutrality is absolutely *vital* to the burgeoning of free and open society not only here in the United States where I live, but all over the world, where free and open access to the Internet's wealth of information must be readily available for as many as possible. It is vital that corporations, those false "persons" who have in so many ways proven false to the real people, not be allowed to regulate away our site-neutral access to the internet. Get it right, FCC, don't fold to those who think that they hold the trump cards because they buy the lobbyists and think they therefore buy you. Get it right, members of both houses of Congress, similarly, if or when it comes time for laws to be passed on net neutrality. This is a matter of *great* importance, as it's a battle over control of the minds of humanity, a battle for freedom itself.



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