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Getting away from the sponsorship society; coming play based economy.

We need to get away from sponsorship in our society. We already pay a ISP fee and we may pay subscription fees on top of that. What we need are models that are not ad supported as we are already paying for the services and sponsorship preempts the usefulness of the platforms. We do not give up privacy in exchange for services. It needs to be possible to avoid ads all together or where there are ads they need to be voluntary with all of the compensation going to the person burdened by them. We need to counter act the idea that search needs to be ad driven, newer efficient search is making this more plausible all the time.


We need redundant cloud based general content exchanges that completely commoditize all content and create a pure buyers market with no ability to canalize or control price. We need to get beyond the idea of publishing, posting should be as easy as browsing. Payment should be based only on aggregate instances of attention paid to a piece of content at some generic going rate. We should understand that user to user communication will be the prime content.


We should be mindful that network structure will be driven by changes in input conventions and interfaces. In the living room we will see 3d camera technology and 3d display technology meeting voice recognition and speech. Face recognition and body movement capture will come in, telepresence will literally project participants into personal space. Cell phones will become general control devices. Technology like Goog411 and Wolfram Alpha are good examples of more natural language query coming in to facilitate. People won't be logging out they will logged in all the time. Data won't migrate it will originate and stay in the net context. The network will have interiority and will be where we educate and work. Privacy will be akin to boundaries of the phyical body.


According to anthropology man worked 4 hrs per day for most of human development. Now man works at 2x that or more and there is a sense that the work is counterproductive or at best unnecessary, merely something that could be automated away and which generates understandable angst. We will be switching from an economy of pie slicing based on unnecessary work or baby sitting to an economy based on play and the network will be the context for it.



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