Government should use HTML5 instead of relying on Flash/Silverlight.

Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are controlled by commercial businesses. Their intent is not to provide an easy and fast way to access content; their intent is to control the main method of accessing content. HTML5 is an open standard that does not require an expensive purchase to make use of and is supported by many web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. Adobe Flash and Microsoft silverlight are only supported on "approved" devices, while HTML5 has the potential to work almost everywhere. HTML5 also uses less memory and processor usage than Flash or Silverlight.


If HTML5 is to be used, the Audio/Video codecs to be used are even more important. Our government should use Free codecs that are patent-free and can be used without fear of patent infringement, such as Ogg Vorbis for audio and Ogg Theora for video. If our government truly wants to support innovation as well as access to information, they will consider this option at the very least.



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