The Open Internet & Innovation

Great rules, some concerns.

I agree with all 6 of the new rules that are being implemented. They are more like basic guidelines for keeping unrestricted internet access the way it is. There is only one thing that I am concerned with, might just be AT&T Propaganda but I have to say anyways.


Do not restrict companies from having multiple packages for internet access. When people have a drop in income they might have to either get a lesser package or they might have to drop internet all together. It is good to have different priced packages for that reason, I would have had to give up the internet if not for that. Also, if I wanted my transfer speeds to be gigabyte a second, than I should have the ability to upgrade to a better package that gives me more bandwidth capabilities. That is how the internet should be and stay, with choices on how quick I want my internet access.


I am not sure if you really were wanting to have a flat rate on internet use or not, but having a flat rate without having multiple packages is a terrible way to do it. If you need more bandwidth you should pay more for it, if you use less than you should pay less. Its a good system that works.


Just do not make a flat rate, it will increase everyone's rates and force many people off of the internet.... Especially in this economy.


As for the new 6 rules, sounds good to me. Go forward with those rules :D



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