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I do not understand why.



I don't see what you guys are talking about.. I get everywhere I want to get, don't you?

No site has ever blocked me (that I know of). I changed ISP's a couple times and did not have

problems there either.. I do not see what is wrong with this system now.. I just don't.

The people that pay for the site(property) should have control over their site not the government.

Should they not?

I mean it is their money they spent, should they not be able to control it themselves?


Bandwidth? I can get as much bandwidth as I want or need.


The person that bought the server that you "travel through", also bought the line access, and sells

the access to you, is this not how this country's economics works? The person that owns the service should have the right to refuse service to you. That is America folks.. just like the store down the street, the have, the right to refuse you service.


There are free antivirus, free firewalls, free things to do and see, I don't understand....

The right to speak out on forums like this one, will they take that away if we give the control to them?

The right to go to a foreign web page, will that be blocked?

They say they want to open up the web, also said they did not want to buy an auto company and a lot of other things....did they not? and you still trust them....???


I know the Government(military,and college's) created the net, they opened it up to the public, let it stay open to the public..if they wanted the control they would have kept it.. it helped the economy to open it up.

One of you state it is like a highway, well the states could not coordinate where the end

of the roads met, the fed stepped in to help, and food and goods are transfered over them, not information.

The net is already world wide we don't have to connect the ends of the roads.. there are no dead ends on the web.. that I have found...unless you count password protected areas... rofl.


Every time the Government says FREE it is a cost of living increase!!!!


The price has been fair, and the net has increased peoples ability to find work, buy goods,

find local and national and international information.


Why depend on the government to do everything, the Government was designed to depend on you.

I like the freedom the web has given me, why change what has worked?

I am not some rich snob, I just don't understand why you people want the Government to control everything.

We are not a socialistic country if we were we would not be the country we are and have been.

I truly believe to give the net "back" to the feds is giving another freedom away.


What were you saying this during the .com boom.?

Were you asking for Government control then?

Were you one of the people that were waiting in line for Obama's give away hoax?

Do you know where the money for this comes from?

Do you really want to increase the cost of living and taxes that much?


How is a broke country going to reimburse all the private people for the servers

and access they pay for that we use to connect to this?

Or do we just get another tax and still have to pay for access? or do we just rip them off?

How is the Government that is BROKE (NO CREDIT LEFT) gonna pay for this???


I am just confused and have been happy with the web since I got on it.. years and years ago....


Thanks for letting me say my piece, and I await your long winded answers, hope they are short and sweet...hehe



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