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IPTV will be a bigger fight the VOIP cos cant be trusted

Net Nuetrality levels the playing field and should remain free, open and ungoverned to grow our economy. IPTV is here and will be a bigger blow to big cable and baby bells than VOIP which was opposed by the corporations. That's why they have spent more than $12M lobbying this year. The history is evident, the Comcasts, ATTs, and Verizons will try and control content delivery to maximize their profits rather than embrace their new role, soley ISPs. The spectrum owners want greater return on their investments but the people don't want broken business models of outdated cable bundling packages and 200 dollar monthly bills in a deflationary economy. In 5-10 years, cable could disappear as IPTV grows. The FCC needs to ensure the growth of IPTV, its too big to stop, and the only bull market in America, to hopefully get us out of this recession. This is about TV, content, delivery, dollars and who gets paid and how. I don't have $12M to lobby, but I do vote. Net Nuetrality gets my vote and my business. Antennas up, cable boxes out, Google I like you but watch it with the greed, and yes wireless should apply, quit wining we pay our ISP bills. Regulate to protect the average citizen.



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