ISP's Can Not Be Allowed to Discriminate

The public needs FCC regulations to prevent Internet Service Providers from discriminating against some Internet traffic and favoring other traffic.


My business and the Internet itself has flourished under the founding principle of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality means that Internet Service Providers (ISP's) can not favor some Internet content over other content.


For example, Comcast a large ISP, features streaming videos on its website. I feature streaming videos on my website too. Under the principle of Net Neutrality, Comcast can not block or slow down their customer's access to my videos.


But Comcast, or other ISP's may want to interfere with access my videos to favor their own content. It is important to note that some ISP's are not just service providers, but also content providers. They would benefit by providing speedy Internet access to their own content and slowing down or blocking access to their competitor's content.


This is why the public needs FCC regulations in place to prevent ISP's from discriminating against some Internet traffic and favoring others.


We also need FCC regulations to prevent ISP's from secretly degrading the services of their customers like Comcast did in 2007. In our consumer-driven economy, customers can choose to stop buying from a company if the company cheats them. But with Internet service, many customers have only one, or maybe two choices at the most. We need FCC regulations to protect the consumers from service degradation by the ISP's.


Thank you for this opportunity to express my views.



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