Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and National Security

ISPs are not cops, and never should be.

The big problem with representative Markey's Net Neutrality bill, is that it bequeaths onto ISPs the power to be police by giving them the responsibility to figure out which users are lawfully using the internet.


For one thing that violates the due process clause of the constitution.


For another it means that ISPs will inherently be able to watch our data... I have a big problem with that. That violates the prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures in the constitution.


Imagine if our roads were being operated and policed by the same company that paved the roads. That would be similar to an ISP laying cables and also policing the network. That simply is not their job, nor is it any of their business.


Also, it severely slows the data down, to look at everything.


If the police have probable cause to consider that some individual or entity is committing a crime, then they should follow due process of the law, and obtain a search warrant from a judge, to tap into just that user, from their residence, without interfering with the integrity of the network for all the (presumed innocent) users who use it.


There should not be a network that is designed, like the one in communist china, to easily be tapped by anybody.


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