The Open Internet & Innovation

Instead of "regulating," just assure the right structure.

No one (like verizon, google, at&t, microsoft, cablevision, etc.) should be able to be in the business of laying cables AND being any kind of information or service provider that utilizes those cables and/or that network infrastructure. There simply is an inherent vertically integrated conflict of interest that gives a huge unfair advantage to the cable or phone company in question.


We need to separate these two areas:




Should be run by government and corporations that have NO OTHER BUSINESS. they answer to EVERYBODY on the entire internet, and they should have as the prime directive of their charter to CONSTANTLY upgrade and improve the network infrastructure for all. These would be the equivalent to paving contractors who build our highways and bridges.




Anybody who wants to sell phone service, or give it away for free, or anybody who has tv content to share (as opposed to a cable tv lineup), or anybody who wants to send/receive any information of any kind will ride on that network just like the rest of us.


There needs to be a strong firewall between the two types of businesses and it should be highly illegal for them to make any kind of special back room deals with anybody. The google/verizon deal should not only be illegal, but it should more importantly be physically impossible due to network topology, infrastructure, and structure.




This means that all the cable and phone companies need to divest themselves of their cable laying antenna building businesses. They will be separate businesses from now on.




this way ANYBODY who wants to provide any kind of service, or just individuals who can figure out how to simply communicate directly with one another, can do so, without having to worry about the possibility of any corporate bottlenecks that might change or prevent what is possible.


for example, how many websites do you know of that are owned by cable tv channels also have live streaming broadcasts of their signal? didn't you ever wonder why those signals are not put online? it's because cable companies, who basically have these guys by the short hairs, if you know what i mean, have threatened them that if they dare to do that, they'll be removed from the cable tv lineup.


We just can't have innovation, and the next generation of amazing new internet companies doing all sorts of disruptive things, if we allow the internet to become like the rest of the feudal state.



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