The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Internet in the US Can Rival the World's Best ...

From my slight travels of the world, I feel that the US has a very free and open and available internet infrastructure right now. Other places have higher speeds, but internet access is incredibly easy to come by in this country and highly used by the educated public.


This is why it needs protection from the companies like Comcast that are currently monopolizing our access to the internet. The US could have some of the fastest internet access in the world, as we have many miles of unused fiber underground, but we get sub-standard speeds due to corporate greed. Currently I get maybe 300 kbps upload speeds (vs up to 8 mbps down) because my provider doesn't feel I need upload bandwidth. We need regulations in place to keep this fabulous wealth of information and communication tools from falling unused in the hands of money-grubbing telcos.



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