The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Leave our freedom of speech alone!

I am very concerned about the "lawful content" clause in the net neutrality rules.


It causes a situation where every internet provider and website must snoop on every single bit of communication to make sure it is legal.


The writers of the rule have good intentions, but the result of having that clause in there will have a chilling effect on the internet that has never happened before.


Today, a judge actually made a ruling that would demonstrate how foolish such a rule would be:


Just imagine if the owners of craigslist, or worse, the companies who provide internet service to users or to craigslist for their servers had to police every single packet for potential unlawful activity. It would turn this country into a police state, with everybody having to be a snitch. It's just a bad idea.


Instead, leave law enforcement to the authorities. If they have probable cause for any breech of the law, then fine, start an investigation, and make some arrests, but don't make all of us into cops.



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