Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and National Security

Limits on the collection and retention of personal data.

There needs to be very concrete limits on data collection.


Governmental and private entities need to be limited to collecting the minimum amount of personal data necessary.


Data that can be personally attributed needs to be kept for the minimum duration and it should only encompass the minimum data needed to accomplish a necessary task.


Data that is not originally collected to be evidence should not be countable as evidence.


Even where it is necessary to identify, only the minimum amount of information required should be allowed to be demanded. Anonymity will prove more important that identity and in many cases in is crucial to have access but to be able to have enough anonymity to make a plausible denial. Where positive identification is not absolutely needed it should not be allowed. Most commercial transactions do not necessitate positive identification, there will have to be a digital analog for cash.


The sort of objective rationalistic thinking often associated with data collection is a kind of tyranny in itself. Data should be used in the service of people and human aims it should not be used to undermine people or to dehumanize.



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