Reasonable Network Management

NO "management" or "data shaping" at all.

Packets should be treated like US mail. while they are in transit, they are sacred and their integrity is sacrosanct.


Nobody, anywhere in the network, should have any right whatsoever to look at data, shape data, count data, or anything like that. Especially for the purposes of controlling it.


the best way to accomplish this is to make sure there are absolutely no proprietary portions of the internet. right now huge swaths of the network have been subverted to protocols such as DOCSIS which only cable companies can control. that means that if i find a cable modem on the market that goes at 1gbit, i can't use it because the cable company is controlling a portion of the internet. this harks back to the pre-carterfone days before the supreme court ruled that bell telephone had to allow third party telephones onto its network.


we should all have highly redundant mesh-like connections to the internet, and we should all be directly connected to the real internet, with our own public ip#, and everything that goes along with that. if somebody invents a faster communications technology, we should be able to deploy that without asking anybody for permission.


If the backbone suffers congestion because people are upgrading their speeds, then that must simply be strengthened, but i would like to point out that 300bps telephone modems used the exact same amount of telephone infrastructure as 56Kbit modems. this idea that it costs more to serve a higher speed connection is merely a figment of monopolists' imagination.



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