Transparency/Disclosure of Network Management Practices

Net Neutrality = Personal American Freedom

I currently live in Cary, North Carolina. The only service provider in my area is Time Warner. I would have to say this is the worst ISP provide in the country. I pay close to 70 dollars a month for internet and on top of that Time Warner limit what websites I can go to an the speed. Even though I pay for the top speed available, they can never provide it. Time Warner also offers VOIP services, but I really do not need them. I have a cell phone but the reception is spotty in my place so the cell phone company gives me a femocell to help with the reception well I can not use the femocell because again Time Warner blocks an other VOIP service other than there own. I not asking for Time Warner to provide support for my cell phone but if I pay for a service I should be able to contnext any legal device to my connection. So I force to use their service at a high price. More money out of my pocket! Here another problem, Time Warner wants to limit how much data I can down load and upload, well I work from home. So now I watch every piece of data I sent and received so that I do not get charged.


What Americans need is one low flat rate for the Internet access and have companies held responsible to provide the services they charge us for. Some people may read this and say will try another service provider. Well they are the only ISP that is allowed to service the area I live in. The FCC should make it a law that no one company can be the only service provide in any given area.



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