The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Net Neutrality Stifles Innovation in the Network

Since I've posted my opposition to this idea of 'net neutrality' and the simple fact that it will throttle bandwidth by serving the few and remove the network providers ability to control quality of service and I'd like to respond.

Response 1: Google pays for the network. Reply: Since when?? You pay for the network.

Response 2: It does nothing to throttle network providers 'operating honestly'. Reply: Network providers 'provide' network capability. That's their business. If a kid in your area is operating a P2P network share of copyrighted material are you prepared to pay for that bandwidth?

Response 3: With net neutrality, the network providers will stifle innovation. Reply: Since when? On the contrary, regulating network providers will stifle network innovation. Possible even halt it. Innovation isn't a government function.



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