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Net Neutrality is Neccessary to Keep the Internet Free

The FCC should and follow through with its decision to make Net Neutrality laws as it will preserve the open and free nature of the internet.


Corporate giants such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T argue that any government regulation will "stifle" innovation (, however these same companies are denying public access to potential businesses/sites/small companies trying to promote their own innovations. As these corporations found loopholes to manipulate the internet to their benefit, it has caused injustice and hurt the open nature of the internet. By allowing the FCC to implement these new Net Neutrality laws, it allows businesses, big and/or small, to have the same neutral opportunities to expand, grow and promote. It will ensure the equal opportunity to participate in the global market, which makes these laws to come very vital. The internet for so long has had the reputation of being free and place that has helped our nation because of its free nature. By preventing corporate giants from data shaping, bandwidth throttling, and favoring partner sites, the internet remains a free neutral place.


In addition, Net Neutrality laws will ensure that people's own person freedom to access the internet isn't tampered or messed with. As a common misconception, Net Neutrality is NOT about regulating the content of the internet and what people can access, but rather how people access and the abilities that enable them to do so. People have the right to look, research, post, blog, watch, and etc. to whatever is on the internet. It shouldn't be interfered with just because big corporations want to make more money by favoring certain cites and controlling content. Hard-working Americans pay for the internet because of its free nature and openness, and it should stay that way.


Radio, television, movies, and music are all already highly regulated, and the internet is the last free enterprise that isn't. Net Neutrality laws will keep the internet free.


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-Corey O.



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