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Net Neutrality is about Freedom and Equality

The issue isn't big government - it's corporate greed. The "neutrality" in net neutrality refers to the current system, where no website or email message has priority over another. Comcast, Verizon, etc. want to be able to make money, not by simply providing access to the internet, but by prioritizing one website or email message over another. If ISPs/Telecom giants have their way, we'll need to pay (extra) to make sure our email messages and websites don't disappear behind the "prioritized" traffic. Nobody's saying corporations shouldn't make a profit from the infrastructure they've created or the services they provide, but the web wasn't created by them, and there's no reason why they should get to cut it up into little pieces for their own gain. The web works beautifully as it is, and I'm counting on the government to protect our interests as consumers, by preventing corporations from controlling access to one kind of web content over another. Government protection of net neutrality will not prevent anyone from switching ISPs at will, and providers will still operate in a free-market, where better/faster service makes them more money. Bottom line: Whether my email gets through or my website gets visited should be about whether they've got any merit, not about whether I pay my ISP extra on top of my monthly access fee.



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