The Open Internet & Public Engagement

Net Neutrality is crucial to the equality of our country's citizens on the Internet.

Right now, Internet access is somewhat reasonably priced, and almost anyone from any background is able to access the Internet without restrictions.


Without net neutrality, ISPs would be free to divide networks into paid gateways, reduce bandwidth to various web sites around the world, and filter protocols even more than they already do. Comcast is a shining example of oppressive networking tactics - they have throttled various protocols traversing their network.


AT&T and Verizon have already made statements alluding to their desire to charge hosts on their network more for access to sites like Google and Facebook. They have twisted the truth in order to propagandize the net neutrality discussion.


The ISPs say that net neutrality will stifle progress on network reach and upgrades. This is simply not true. There is no evidence or imaginable conditions of net neutrality that could possibly cause this. They simply seek to further monetize the Internet. Further costs for access to the Internet means that those who already struggle to pay their bills will be denied the shared knowledge base that the Internet has become. In this day and age, it is unacceptable to hinder those who could possibly pull themselves up by their own bootstraps by learning and doing. America needs net neutrality to sustain its future as a service-based economy. We must maintain our technical superiority, and we can't do that when our future engineers and scientists can't seek out knowledge as readily as their competitors in industrializing nations.


Please, consider and understand the ramifications of a restricted Internet. Let's ensure that our country's access to knowledge and resources remains uninhibited by greed.



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