The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Net Neutrality needs us, indy musicians and public agree

Stand up for the public interest, promote democracy online by protecting Net Neutrality which benefits independent labels, independent musicians and the American public. Stop Internet censorship by American ISPs and ensure no lawful content can be discriminated against on the Web by big ISPs that includes AT&T blocking Skype and Vonage iPhone applications from their wireless EDGE and 3G networks due to competitive reasons. We should be able to use Google Voice, Skype, Vonage Mobile over Wifi, AT&T's EDGE or 3G network or any other carrier's wireless networks with our phones when we access the mobile Internet. We need strong Net Neutrality protections for wire-line as well as wireless devices like the Apple iPhone, Blackberry devices, Palm Pre and Palm Pixi (with WebOS), Windows Mobile phones, Google Android (Linux based phones) etc.


In fact not only does Free Press ( which fights for media reform (against media consolidation, while supporting more independent media, more diversity on the radio, more independent local news and radio stations etc) support wireless freedom as well but also Net Neutrality with their website


Among the SaveTheInternet Coalition, you'll find the conservative religious website of The Christian Coalition which presents the Conservative Argument for Net Neutrality and a petition of their own for Net Neutrality (rules for an unfettered, democratic, open equal Internet for everyone) but some liberal progressive groups like, the American Civil Liberties Union (, CREDO Action (, as well as Consumer's Union which published a letter in favor of Net Neutrality (, Common Cause ( and the Future of Music Coalition which supports independent labels and independent musicians got on board along with a number of independent musicians like Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Kronos Quartet and more got on board with a campaign called Rock The Net ( the petition lasted from 2007-2009 but they remain committed to Net Neutrality even now. So must we remain committed to protecting free speech online and Net Neutrality itself -- we don't want Internet to become closed like in China. With the Internet the public has a chance to reclaim the media for democracy from corporate power don't let corporate power grow again at the expense of the American public and sacrifice democracy once again as was done for radio, television and cable television. We want Internet to remain open, not closed like those other technologies. We demand an open Internet!



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