The Open Internet & the Freedom of Speech

Network Neutrality, because Censoring is already here! (On my ISP)

I just wanted to share my experience comparing two different internet service providers I have, one is Pavlov media, and the other is ATT. Pavlov media provides a 1.5mbit service to my house, and ATT provides the same to my parents house. Both cost about the same and advertise their connections as being equal speed.

The difference is that Pavlov filters their connection extensively based on file type, website visited, and time of day. After testing this through a VPN which is not filtered I have concluded that for my situation net neutrality makes the internet what it is. My net neutral connection is fast and speedy. However when I use my Pavlov connection it is slow and useless. I cannot visit certain websites, my VOIP phone calls do not work. And life is sad. However tunneling all my traffic through a vpn allows me to use the same connection and do all the above mentioned things and they work perfectly!


Thus my conclusion is that net neutrality makes providers equal, and does not censor the internet like a connection which is not filtered or blocked. This is what the opponents of net neutrality want to do. They want to BLOCK OR FILTER PORTIONS OF THE INTERNET. This is exactly what is happening in china and other DICTATORSHIPS!


On a final note, I was just traveled overseas, and also used a non filtered connection, this outperformed my usa filtered connection by leaps and bounds. So I really can see net neutrality as forcing ISP's to provide an open service. If net neutrality does not get passed, we need some regulation which forces ISPs to tell consumers what services or websites are blocked. And this needs to be easily available. Otherwise we could have an internet of the future where we can only visit time Warner sites, or yahoo... etc, and we will not know why.

To sum it up, From a computer engineer, Network Neutrality is a Must for any free society!



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