No bills on net neutrality or anti net neutrality needed

I'll admit it I'm disabled. I can't go out like everyone else because I can't drive and for safety reasons. I always need someone else with me. Whenever I go into public people judge based on my disability not who I am. On the internet I am an equal. This is the one platform where people with disabilities are equal. We We shouldn't let big business move in and say what content we can/can't see.


I am afraid that they will use the internet in an attempt to disenfranchise certain groups of people. Whats to stop them so only the highest bidder can have an online business? How can the gov't prevent people access to some health information in favor of pushing medications and devices from certain companies?


Why can't we go back to the good old days and let people decide for themselves rather then have companies and lobbyist decide for them? We the people should be able to do what we please and not be told what to look at.


Why should I get left behind because I am disabled? Why shouldn't I be allowed a platform on which to shine? Why shouldn't I be allowed to partake in society because I am disabled? Why should I be expected to sit back and others make decisions on my behalf rather then myself?


If the answer is this isn't the intent of the net neutrality bill your right, but the bill will likely lead to it so why not stop it now before you take one of the very few freedoms away that I have. The freedom to be myself. I believe the people should be able to self govern ourselves then if and only if someone needs to step in should a law get put into place for or against net neutrality. It is working so far so why stop?



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