Transparency/Disclosure of Network Management Practices

Notes on Internet Access

I have worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, and have been certified as a switch technician and as a lineman. I will tell you now that in order to level the playing field for all who connect to the internet through a broadband provider, we must require disclosure of how access to the internet is monitored and maintained.


Those who have worked in this industry can verify that there are lots of ways that the electronic path to the internet can be blocked, clogged, and degraded. There can be connection problems, equipment settings, compatibilities, or failures, and traffic burdens. Vendors do not always disclose the factors they know can lead to reduced transmissions. This includes broadband vendors. Requiring them to do so is a good step toward making the internet equally accessible to all.


Many years ago, AT&T created a document called, "Notes on the Network" which called out their basic principles for traffic across their then-voice network. Telcordia publishes this now ( The focus is still on voice, which has a slightly different set of problems than the digital transmission. This is the sort of document I would expect to be established to outline "net neutrality." And it shouldn't cost anyone $100 to read a chapter of it.



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