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Open internet is of critical significance in re: climate change

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IDEA TITLE: Open internet critical in re: climate change


IDEA PREMISE: An open, free and non-commercial internet goes hand-in-hand with access to un-skewed factual information, which is an absolute necessity as our current level of civilization enters another of our ancient Earth’s episodic global upheavals.


IDEA ARGUMENT: Just as fighting disease epidemics or terrorism require fast, clear, reliable and salient information flows, so does Climate Change / Global Warming. Historically however there have been some similar public issues which are subverted by actions that control information.


Witness what has happened through history when major communication pathways have fallen under the control of governments (e.g. the Soviet union, Nazi Germany, South Africa under de Klerk, Chinese 2008 report of space “launch” Shenzhou 7 et al). The United States has almost always stood as a bastion of true democratic and humanistic principle in this regard, even America has had lapses (e.g. “Remember the Maine”, Rwanda genocide, etc.).


Look at when it falls under control by "Big Business" (smoking and cancer; Corvair and other auto safety dangers, etc.).


And recall what happens when these two are in bed together and/or conspiring together, or they are just ducking their heads into the sand and "playing it safe" in their own self-interests of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours...). Examples abound:

- then we get global climate change deniers;

- Fox News’ fabricated “news”;

- selling of arms across national borders to destabilize conditions that interfere with "business as usual";

- human slavery (for child or indentured cheap labor, for sex for pay business, et al, un-publicized and poorly regulated;

- the mistaken premise that petroleum is the only life-blood of a healthy economy.


CLIMATE CHANGE (CC) will require the cooperation of every sector of the world, at every level from global to local.


1) If you are not among the vast majority of well-informed global citizens you surely know that idea-sharing empowers more efficient business practices, a nice side effect of which is that should CC prove to exist over time then such benefit is multiplied.

HOW CAN WE SHARE NEW EFFICIENCY IDEAS if they are “owned” via a controlled internet?


2) Even if not substantively human-influenced yet still growing, CC will cause physical change to virtually every single eco-system in the world. So when salt-marsh wetlands are diminished and if nations refuse to create agreements, then various levels of government and private business require new ways of adapting, but ONLY IF THE DEEPLY INTERDEPENDENT DYNAMICS OF LIVING SYSTEMS ARE KNOWN to all.


3) If we acknowledge CC as heavily human-driven, then it will require a GLOBAL LEVEL of URGENCY and of accurate information to make effective decisions for human behavior.


In any and all of these cases, the very nature of human civilization will depend hugely on the cooperative, unbiased availability of information.



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