Workshop--Technical Advisory Process on Broadband Network Management

Overview: Networks and the new Vision

We Americans are some of the most inovative people when it comes to Tech, but lacking when it comes to acutally using CURRENT tech. Copper, instead of fiber. Servers, sorely lacking in the ability to accept the current load of traffic, still being used waaaaay after their EOL (Read: End of Life). What is needed is a network that is built from the ground up for the future and the backing to do so*. Fiber (or a similarly high bandwidth capcity medium) is sorely needed. Companies are already currently in place to provide the installation and service of the Backbone, but are severly undermaned and underfunded to provide optimum service. End-use providers are branching out into places they should NOT be (case in point, ATT with their "ATT Connect Tech". Computers loaded with their connect software get hit the most from viruses. Coincidence or function for a service call?). Let's give them the support, so they can support *US*! Oversite of these companies would greatly improve quality of service as well as keeping in check the services rendered.



That is the plan for the Network. Now, for the administering of that Network!


To Disable the 'Net for our protection is folly and not a service, but indeed a DIS-Service to the rest of the World!




ALL of the network is entwined at this point and shuting down our part cripples the rest of the world, as most traffic flows through the U.S. . Attacks are occurring all the time, both foreign and domestic and only now that SOME glimmer or awareness is dawning do we draw up defences?


Good! Let us go with that!


But, if you want to protect against terrorist attacks (and believe me, the key here to remember is ATTACKS.. many, MANY attacks) both foreign and domestic, do so at the administration level and deny the denyers. Smarter rulesets (instead of off and on, the ability to do more, IE: if an ICMP echo request is coming in too many number of times in a given timeframe [also known as a "Smurf" attack], a ruleset to limit the banwidth from that IP on that request would kick in) are needed along with better education on how to administer the networks. Working with agencies already in place might be wise also ( ). Not an oversight on the networks themselves, but indeed over the people who administer the networks. Not just backbone; from backbone to distributaion (ie distro) and from distro to demark. Even educate the techs who service and repair the end-users local networks, so that they mey be protected via the hardware in the ROUTER rather than slapping some software to bog down end user's already underpowered PC's. Have network admins licenced at the Network+ level be for a term (as with Ham radio licences), rather than life. This way, the knowlege for current tech is assured to reach the admins. Working closely with currently established testing agencies, such as CompTIA, Microsoft instead of govenmental test would be ideal, as .. well, they are already in place and recognised! Please feel to question/flame freely, as this is a vison from a hardware techs point of viewand is limited to my dealings with backbone providers, end-use providers and end users. I have been in the business for 19 years, but I havn't seen everything


*It took three Presidents to get the Interstate system from idea to funding and moving forward [Http://}. Instead of six terms ( From Franklin D. Roosevelt to Dwight D. Eisenhower ), lets get this plan moving in ONE!!! Granted, it is a more daunting task, but remember, this is for the Planet, not just for the U.S. of A.



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