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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski



Dear Julius Genachowski,


Verizon and Google have unveiled a framework for net neutrality policy that would harm the openness and freedom that have led to the tremendous growth of the Internet.


I strongly urge you to reject this plan, and to the listen to the voices of me and millions of consumers who are demanding strong net neutrality protections.


Today the Internet serves as our "town square" – where we talk to one another, exchange views, find information from many diverse sources of news and opinion, blog, contact candidates, and engage in our democracy. We must make certain that telecom companies cannot block or impede our access to the tools that have enabled the (small-d) democratic culture of the web.


Please use your power to enact robust net neutrality protections immediately. Thank you.




Jana Bartholomew

724 W 17th St Apt 3

Sioux Falls, SD 57104-4754



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