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Regulatory Body

It is my proposal that the ISPs are required to submit to a regulatory committee the same information regarding the management practices and this committee is responsible for validating the claims. This would entail site visits and regulatory checks on the ISPs to ensure the companies are complying with their own management practices. I further propose this committee have a forum for users to place accusations and investigations of similar accusations. The FCC’s responsibility should be regulate the openness provide by the ISPs and not the Internet itself. FCC should create a means for the organizations to communicate their practices in a standard format. There should be active verification that the policies are fair. These policies should be published as it is in this case where the openness of the internet is offered for public forum. If there are policies in place for an ISP that infringes user’s rights, there should be a means for that user to gain protection by the FCC against the ISP. Violators of their own policy should be held to fines and required to immediately fix the problem and validated by the FCC. The FCC should ACTIVELY protect the users.



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