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Safe Driver? Improve your credit score.

I am no expert, but, I believe that the majority of the country has "so-so" or crappy credit scores. Why not design an incentive program geared towards promoting traffic and driver safety by improving their credit scores over time. For example, every six months if a driver goes without an accident or ticket, raise their credit score 10 points. It's no secret that America is a revolving melting pot of debt and bad credit and the only way to improve it is by spending. Again, this is my opinion. I know I could stand to get as much help as I could with my credit score but it aint always easy to pay stuff off if you dont have the extra income to improve it. This is where the Government and National Traffic Safety Board might be ablt to step in and help improve public safety by giving the drivers incentive to drive safer.


SSG Rob Spitzer

US Army, Ft. Lee VA



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